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🚨Great Question Investor Update — June 2022🚨

Hey {investor_name},

How was your June?

<insert 1–2 sentence overview of my month, energy level etc>

As a reminder Great Question puts customer research on autopilot. Everything from recruiting participants to sending surveys, running interviews or prototype tests — and then sharing what you learn with your team — all in one place.

Please note that the information circulated in Great Question’s investor updates are confidential — please don’t share with anyone.

We’ve just opened up our first account executive role, with a focus on finding a “renaissance rep” who can act as a “full-stack” rep, help us to build out our sales playbook, and recruit for our next 2–3 sales roles.

Ideal candidates will have 2 years experience in an Account Executive role at a B2B SaaS company, bonus points if they have experience in hiring or managing a team, double bonus points for ex-founders.

Who have you previously worked with that fits this bill? Hit reply and tell me their name and I’ll send you a forwardable double opt-in email for the introduction.

If no one comes to mind it would be great if you can share this on your social media. Here is a tweet you can copy and paste…

XX% growth MoM, up from YY%.

New customers include…

Particularly hectic month with 2 new employees, 2 conferences, 1 offsite

“The team has been saying great things about the new scheduling functionality — so much easier than doing it manually or with Calendly”

-Joe Bloggs; Head of UX Research; Acme, Co


$XX,XXX (+XX%)
– Target: YY% MoM



New bookings



$XXXX (+XX%)


$X (-XX%)


$XX (-XX%)

Product metric #1:

XXX (+XX%)

Product metric #2:



XX full-time employees (+XX)


$XXXX (-XX%)

Cash in bank



XX months (Cash at hand/ Burn)

YY months (Projections based on historical growth + projected hiring)

We’re dubbing July the Summer of (Customer) Love
- A chance to work on giving back to existing customers
- Bug fixes, long standing feature requests, and general platform improvements which are going to improve the lives of our power users

Continuing to refine our H2 roadmap + values from our offsite. More to follow next update.

Pete Koomen for advice re: prioritization and product market fit

Daniel Zarick for the idea for the “Asks” section

Alex Mittal for pushing us to XXXXX

Thanks for reading. Hit reply, I’d love to hear from you.





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